Color Inspiration Challenge #46 No.2

I am participating in another one of Kristina Werner's Color Inspiration Challenges, AGAIN! I couldn't help it! I just kept going! Once again, here is the challenge:

Here is my card:

Here is how I used the colors:
basic black - flamingo outlines, flamingo beaks
riding hood red - flamingo
regal rose - flamingo
pretty in pink - flamingo
bashful blue - "gracias", picket fence

Here are some more photos:
I was so happy to use a Spanish sentiment. Here is a card I can send to relatives!
Some may question the blue picket fence, but, trust me, I am from Florida, and I can almost guarantee that there is a blue picket fence somewhere. There is probably a pink one too :).

I just love flamingos! They are the best! They really do come in different shades of reds and pinks, so it was fun to make this card!

Thanks for visiting!

Have an amazing day,
kelly marie


  1. These color inspirations are so much fun. Is it weekly? :)

  2. Love the flamingos. Wonderful job witht the color challenge!

    It's a good life!
    Terri E.

  3. I LOVE the gracias!! That's very awesome. ~;o)

  4. So cute! I'm from Florida also and I'm sure there's a blue fence somewhere here! Probably in Key West!

  5. Jasmine - They are around once a week. Whenever she posts them, really :). Another blogger just started doing them. I can't wait to try it! :)

  6. Thanks so much, Terri, Z and Christy-Lynn!

  7. Great mind's think alike! Perfect color combo for your cute flamingos.

  8. Love your card. The flamingos are really cute.

  9. This card is way to cute!! thanks for the comment on my card!!!

  10. I love the progressive color of the flamingos! Great idea. Cute card and thanks for your comment!

  11. Thank you SO much for the comments wendy, fiona, amy, winter and courtney!! You guys are so sweet!!! :)


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