lawn fawn loves etsy Mondays!

Here is the second installment of lawn fawn loves etsy Mondays. This time I searched for "burnt sienna" on etsy. Amazingly, seven pages of items showed up! Here are four of my favorites.

This gerbera daisy brooch by thejunebride is so beautiful. It reminds me of fall!

This throw pillow by norajane would add a nice splash of color to a comfy sofa.

These earrings by puffluna are so gorgeous! I wish I wasn't allergic to most earrings or these would be mine! :)

My last burnt sienna etsy choice is this tote by retrofied. It is called "fall in love". You've gotta love that! Don't you want to take it to the beach?!

I hope you see something you like! Remember to shop handmade!


  1. I LOVE these etsy Mondays and how much do I love that tote! I seriously canNOT have enough bags... it's so sad. :)

    Can't wait to see the next one. You are such a good blogger. You've always been better at it since the beginning. I have so much to learn from yoU!

  2. I can't wait for you to blog more! I'm waiting :). jaja!

    I am trying to decide on my color for next week. I love seeing what comes up, except for the fact that I want to buy everything!


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