lawn fawn video Friday!

Hello!! Here is another lawn fawn video! I am sorry I am so late in posting this, but this was the first chance I had. Now I have to tell you that my filming situation was not the best this time. There are some extreme angles going on! I will keep trying things until I find the best possible filming set up! I also have it loading in normal quality so that it is a faster load, you can click on the HD button to see it in HD. If you would like to see it larger over at youtube, click here!

Here are some pictures of the card:

Thanks so much for watching! I hope you had a whale of a time! (I know... groan! haha!)

Have an amazing day,
kelly marie


  1. Another great video and another seriously adorable card! But, yeah, that extreme angle made me kinda dizzy! ~;o)

  2. Thanks, Z! That angle is ridiculous! jaja! I kept thinking of when they would yell "extreme closeup!" in Wayne's World. Maybe I should have yelled that in the video :). I may have to do a bonus video this week to make up for veritgo I've caused people :).

  3. very cute card.


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