NEW FEATURE: lawn fawn video Thursday! how to heat emboss

Another new feature here at lawn fawn! Woo! I am going to start showing videos on Thursday either about techniques or going through the process of making a card. Thursday is always a rough day of the week ... It is just so close to Friday! So I thought these little videos might cheer you up. :)

I had talked about showing you a video on the cuttlebug, but I think I am going to do that next week because my desk is entirely too messy to pan out that much on the video camera! So for today I am showing you how to heat emboss. It is such a fun technique that gives a project a huge pop that makes people say, "wow!" Plus, who wouldn't want to melt stuff with a heat gun?! :)

The products I used in this video are:

* marvy uchida heat gun (you can find this all over the internet and in local stores. Just look for the best price! :) )

* aegean silver embossing powder from Paper Source

* Versamark watermark ink pad (The link is to one of my favorite stores: Papertrey Ink!)

Let's learn to heat emboss!


  1. This is great! I really like how you sped it up at the end. And I always love your narration. I also think adding the info about your blog and shop at the end is really smart.

    I've got one other suggestion: What about adding "lawnfawn" to the title of the video? Something like "lawnfawn cards: how to stamp & heat emboss on a card or scrapbook page" That way if someone sees it on YouTube, or if it shows up as a "related video" on YouTube, your name will be more out there. I know you say lawnfawn at the beginning and end of the video, but if you put it in the title then it will be above the video the whole time that someone is watching. Just a thought!

  2. I am glad you like the narration! My videos were originally going to have music behind them, but youtube is muting all videos with copyrighted music, so I started narrating.

    I love your suggestion. You are so kickass :). I had jsut been naming them to get search hits on youtube, but not from the perspective of my brand name! I love it. I am going to go change them all now.

    Thanks, Z!

  3. "I'm a dangerous crafter"

    hehe. love it.

  4. Thanks, Jas! I am dangerous. Watch out! :)


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