Observatory photos

My hubby, Mike, and I recently bought a dSLR. We are so excited about it, and we have been taking pictures of everything! We took a trip to the Griffith Observatory. It is amazing there! I highly suggest you go. The best would be to go around sunset. It was so beautiful to watch all the twinkling lights turn on in the city.

I thought I would share some photographs that we took. I hope you enjoy them!

The clouds look like pure heaven to me. So beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. These pictures are gorgeous!!

  2. Thanks so much, Z! Taking pictures with a dSLR is so much fun! Thanks to APL for all his advice! :)

  3. Wonderful set. I like the unique name for your cards and the logo that goes with it :)

  4. AMAZING! Forgot what a good camera can do!

  5. Thanks, Mom! It is nice to have a fancy camera now. They do make much better pictures that the little point and shoots!


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