Mariposa thank you

I bought this really cool Making Memories set that has die cuts and buttons and embellishments. The set makes me really happy. It's full of so many goodies! The first thing I had to use was one of the butterflies.

Isn't pretty?
I used glue dots to attach the ribbon. I do this often because of a couple of reasons:
1. I don't tie bows all that well
2. I hoard my ribbon and therefore want to use as little as possible
3. I'm cheap and don't want to waste ribbon going all the way around the card (lame, I know!)

To give it a "wrapped around" look I have about half an inch that goes around the card base and is adhered with glue dots also. I plan to keep the nice people at glue dots in business :).

The background is a floral scrapblock from CHF. I also used a scallop punch on the bottom edge. Why? Because I can't help myself!
The butterfly has a foam adhesive square on the top part of the butterfly and a glue dot at the bottom so that it looks popped off of the "thank you" label but is still secured to the card base.

Computer update (I know you guys were so worried! haha!): It is being overnighted to the computer hospital. I hope they can fix it tomorrow!

Thanks so much for visiting!

Have an amazing day,
kelly marie


  1. Hi there! Love the card! I'm sorry about your computer! Mine was out for awhile, and I was lost without it. Thankfully, I have a work laptop that I can use. Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog. We had a wonderful anniversary:)

  2. love this card can I copy and make one like it?
    I havnt seen every thing on your blog yet but looks like fun here.:)

  3. Thank you so much, jeanette. You can CASE my card, but you need to give me credit if you post in any sort of online blog or gallery.

    In other words, if you "case" a card, you copy it and then say you cased it, to give credit to whomever you got the idea from.

    I hope that makes sense! If not please write me back!

  4. Thanks so much lynnette and courtney! :)


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