holy prizes, Batman!

Let me preface this by saying, "I LOVE TWO PEAS!!" Yes I am shouting it from the rooftops! Then let me say, "I LOVE AMERICAN CRAFTS!!"
Okay, I am getting off of my roof top now. I just received the most amazing, generous, incredible prize from 2Peas and American Crafts. Simply amazing! I am completely overwhelmed by their generosity. I will let the photo speak for itself:
This is a wonderland of happiness from one box! How did they know that I love stamps more than anything else?! How did they know that I only ever buy cheapy crappy ribbon and now I have amazing American Crafts ribbon! Oh my goodness!! This is making my day, big time. And, next, I get to go to my local theatre and watch drum corps. Could this day get any better?!?! Thank you so much 2Peas and American Crafts!!

PS. Here are some photos from when I marched drum corps. I am feeling nostalgic and had to post some :).

Marching soprano my first year in 1999.
The view from my age-out ceremony (like a graduation) in 2002. (Yes, there are that many drum corps fans!)
The mellophone line from my age-out year with our wonderful instructor. (Yes, I used to be tan and in shape :).)
Winning the World Championship in 2001. This is one happy hornline!

Thank you so much for visiting and putting up with all of my excitement! You guys are saints if you made it this far! :)

Have an amazing day,


  1. Isn't Two Peas the best?! Have fun with your goodies, can't wait to see your creations!

  2. Yowzers!!! Even a heat embossing tool! Lordy Lordy! Enjoy it all girl! Can't wait to see what you put together w/it all! I love the stamps too!

    And I, too, use to have a nice tan and be in shape. (The pic of me on my gravis is like 100 shades more tanned than what I am today! lol!)

  3. What a great day! That prize pack rocks! I am jealous you are watching DCI tonight!

  4. Cool pics... and congrats on all of your goodies... I would be way excited too!!

  5. Congrats on the loot, Kelly! Hooray!

    Love the drum corps pics! Stuff like that is so much fun -- I did marching band in high school, but dropped it to focus on dancing and theater.

    I was in shape once. Not too tan, but at least I wasn't ghostly. {sigh} There was a six-pack there somewhere. Used to be graceful too. Hmmmm. What happened there?

  6. I LOVE your photos! How awesome!! Brings back lots of memories for me! I was one of THOSE color guard girls... If only I hadn't been so afraid of pummeling myself with that stinkin' flag! LOL! Oh, and the loot is freaking amazing!!! I'm so glad you won!!


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