Me, cleaning. Wait, what?!?!

Yes, I am cleaning. This is a rarity for me. I hate nothing more than to organize, but, unfortunately, my craft room looks like I took everything I own, threw it up in the air, let it land wherever and then just left it for a few weeks. I can't even make cards anymore because there is no space to make them!

Alright, I am taking a left over pizza break and then back to work for me!

Anyone else out there doing some seriously belated spring cleaning?

Have an amazing day,


  1. Haha! I can envision your craft room quite vividly. In my mind I just substitute clothes for paper. Same old lovable Kelly : )

  2. I started... never finished... said to heck with it... I will try again next spring! Hope you get lots done!

  3. Good for you, Kelly!

    I know that I SHOULD clean . . . does that count? Oh, my desk is such a mess! {hangs head in shame}

  4. Oh how I need to clean, but that is not nearly so much fun as creating....


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