lawn fawn video: fun finds from peachy cheap & hero arts


So my wonderful Hubby got me a tripod and clamp for my birthday so that I can actually film videos without some wacky angle. How sweet is he? :)
So, I decided to try it out, and show you some of my latest fun finds and buys! One of them is from Peachy Cheap. This website is amazing with once a day deals. You've got to check it out. I apologize to your wallet in advance ;).

So here is the video. Click over to YouTube to see it larger. Also click the HD button on the lower right to see it in better quality.

I hope all had wonderful weekends!

Thank you so much for visiting!

Have an amazing day,


  1. how sweet of him to do that!!! my husband made mine!! hahaha using a piece of wood and a speaker holder. random but it does the job.

  2. Great video Kelly (I actually talk about you in the one I did last night...). Oh and can you get your husband to go talk to my husband about getting me a tripod :)

  3. This video is awesome! The clarity and setup is perfect! Great present! I saw those inks and considered buying...they are so neat!

  4. Great video! What a sweet husband! :) Love those ink pads too, I might have to check those out! :)


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