those who wish to sing always find a song

So this is the longest card ever. It's 12 inches x 2 inches! The reason I did this is because I fell in love with this quote from the Cosmo Cricket Element paper in the crafting kit. I don't scrapbook, but I really wanted to make a card from it, so I decided to make the longest card ever! haha!
I took this little bird sticker and backed it with with some PTI card stock that matched the font color just to tie all together. I wrapped some rustic twine around three times and tied a bow and tada! Just love this quote! Way to go Cosmo Cricket. Nutmeg rocks my socks. :)
Card stock: Papertrey Ink (aqua mist)
Patterned paper: Cosmo Cricket (nutmeg)
Element paper: Cosmo Cricket (nutmeg)
Sticker: Cosmo Cricket (nutmeg)
Twine: Papertrey Ink (rustic cream)
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  1. Your certainly weren't kidding. It's fun though! We need to hear about who you give it to.

  2. definitely the world's longest card...lol..I love it...perfect on a fireplace mantel!!

  3. Oh WOW! Throw some pretty white and gold 'mums around it and you totally have a Thanksgiving centerpiece! Huh? Huh? :D

  4. So sweet! I love that phrase, it is very inspiring. You know, you could probably wrap one of those giant Toblerone (triangle shaped bars- my spelling may be wrong :( ) in this card and really make someone's day! Too cute.

  5. Crazy Cool,
    and congrats on the PC pub,
    and thanks for the pick me up last night.

  6. WOW!! Just LOVE it!!! You are uber crafty :)

  7. That is super cute! Love the hanging tag.


    I've fallen in love with CC titles too and I always cut them into pieces.

    Here's one:


  8. This is so cool! Innovative. Now, I'd like to see the envelope for that! LOL.

  9. This is so ridiculously cute!! I love it! You rock!

  10. SUPER, DUPER WAAAAAAY CUTE!! Just like you! :)

  11. It really is the longest card ever! Great way to think outside the box! Love it!

  12. i'm sure that's a world record! :) Did you find a envelope to fit it? ;)


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