toilet paper ideas

So, I just had to share projects that have been submitted for the Everything but the Kitchen Sink Challenge. I am just so impressed. So go check out these projects for more inspiration!

Jessica made this amazing TP butterfly!

Chrissie made this gorgeous and elegant card with TP.

And Karin made this stunning card with TP. For those of you doubting that TP can be gorgeous, check this card out!

Thank you so much for visiting! And remember to play along with us!

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS on making the Torendi DT! I am sooooooo happy for you! WTG! :)

  2. "The door is locked. You're sitting and relaxing, all alone ... when the realization hits you: You are OUT. Of TOILET PAPER." Best Improvised Alternatives to Toilet Paper

  3. Those are wonderful projects. Who would thought that tissues could turn into a beautiful flower and other displays. Very inspirational.

  4. There are so many smart people nowadays. They can create great stuffs even though its for trash or the garbage in short recycling. Job well done!


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