CHA: A video with Courtney! PART 3

That's right! The last one! Sick of us, yet? hahaha!

Courtney and I had a blast filming this video, even if we probably did talk too much! It was so wonderful to meet such a great friend in person! I am going to consult with the government and see if we can get Tennessee pushed a little closer to California. Hey, it might work! I need more Courtney time! :)

Okay, here it is! We talk about the trade show, make and takes, some product from Provo Craft, Jillibean Soup, and My Mind's Eye.

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CHA: A video with Courtney! PART 2

Hi everyone!

Here is part 2 of Court's and my video! We talk about the end of the CHA super show, out favorite catalogs from the trade show and the classes we took at the trade show (Hero Arts and Claudine Hellmuth!)

I had planned to make a card today and do another CHA picture post, but I spent most of the day in the ER with a possible leg clot. Thank goodness it was not a clot, and I am okay. Well, I still have a painful, swollen, discolored leg, but I am safe now. It was certainly a scary day, and I have to thank my twitter pals for being so sweet and sending me good thoughts and prayers, and, of course, the sweetest husband in the world, Mike, for holding my hand through everything. Please stay healthy everyone and enjoy the video!

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Everything but the Kitchen Sink Challenge #8!

Welcome to another Everything but the Kitchen Sink household item challenge!! This week the challenge is to use box tops in your creations. Now, I had no idea what a box top is. Seriously, I didn't. So in case there are others out there like me, it is the top of a cereal box! I happened to use the top of a hot chocolate box, because it looks the same and we don't have any cereal right now. So I hope that might help some of you out!
We actually have our first sponsor this week: Kelleigh Ratzlaff Designs!! Her templates are super cool! You just print them out on to your card stock or patterned paper, cut, score and build! I chose this adorable cupcake one. Now, don't be afraid of these templates, they are Kelly proof, which means you are safe! I usually mess up every 3D item, but I didn't here! No cuts or burns, either!
I made my flower from a box top. I wanted it to look like a cherry and a flower all in one. So, I cut a messy circle from the box top and then cut it into a spiral. I stained it with distress inks and then twisted it into a flower using crystal effects to glue it together and also just covered the whole thing in it while I was at it for a glossy look. The flower center is box top made from a long strip, inked, and folded into itself. The ribbon is pleated with glue dots.

And guess what? The prize this week is a $15 gift certificate to TheDigiChick Store! How cool is that? Even cooler, they are offering a 40% off $15 purchase coupon to EbtKS participants! If you would like that coupon just email Courtney at courtneymbaker at gmail dot com. You don't have to use a template to participate this week (just a box top!), but it could be fun! :)

I cannot wait to see what you guys come up with! Remember, you could die cut it, make a flower, make a card base, and do all sorts of other cool things that I am sure you will come up with. It is essentially cheap chipboard! :) So get out your cereal (or hot chocolate) and get creating!

Make sure to check out the rest of the design team on the right for their samples. And go to this post for Mr. Linky and all of the details!

Patterned paper: Cosmo Cricket (nutmeg)
Ink: Ranger Distress Ink (worn lipstick, mustard seed)
Ribbon: the stash
Template: Kelleigh Ratzlaff Designs (cupcake box template set)
Etc: Crystal Effects, Box Top
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CHA: A video with Courtney!

Hi Everyone!! So, Court and I both do videos, and when we met, we thought it would be fun to do one together. We kept putting it off because we were so tired, but we finally did it! We are both so chatty the video is actually a three part series! We cover the super show and trade show, show some product, catalogs and make and takes. I hope you guys enjoy it! Courtney and I are trying to figure out a way to do these long distance since we had so much fun! Any ideas out there?
Watch the video here or at YouTube.

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CHA: Studio Calico

If you would like to super size the Studio Calico photos. Go here on my flickr stream, click on a photo and then click "all sizes" above the photo and you can see the product zoomed in!

Welcome to another CHA feature! I absolutely LOVED Studio Calico. They are the nicest people (Hi Lorie!) and have AMAZING product. Let's check it out!
Look at this booth! I just love it. The interesting thing about Studio Calico is that they may not have had as much product as some of the other companies, but they used their space so well, better than a lot of the big guys. Everything was clear with a cool and fun presentation and lots of examples.The Anthology collection is gorgeous. They have this paper with alphas on it that you could use as a paper or cut the letters out. Very cool looking! I love their use of color. Fun and happy without matchy matchy ness. You know?
FabRips! The talk of the show! They are just so cool! They are essentially adhesive backed fabrics with the patterns you see here that you can rip where you please! You can even rip them horizontally to get all of the colors. I saw some great flowers made with these!I was so impressed with their decor. I want to make this for my house! It was Styrofoam balls with circle punched patterned paper pin into them. So cool!Love this! The stitching across the sticker alphas is brilliant.
Rub ons and stamps. Love them all!
Home Front collection. So Amazing. I am in love with the lamp paper that I didn't get a good photo of unfortunately, but you can see it in the bottom left hand corner.It was so amazing to meet Tiff in person! I already miss her!Charlene, Tina, and Ashley looking gorgeous.
Kim Hughes, Teri Anderson, Maren Benedict, and me. It was so amazing to meet these talented designers!

I had such a blast with the Studio Calico folks and was so impressed with them and their product. I signed up for their kit that night, and I cannot wait to receive it. Thanks for being awesome Studio Calico!

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CHA: Hambly

Okay, so I am going to have an endless series of CHA posts. I took a lot of pics, and I hope you guys want to see them! Each post will feature a company or two and some pictures of the people actually there!

This post is all about Hambly. Oh, Hambly, I love you. Seriously. The booth was gorgeous. The product was gorgeous, and the people were nice. You guys are going to LOVE the stuff they are coming out with!

Look at their booth! Aren't the colors just gorgeous?I love the way they had their product displayed. Do you see that butterfly overlay? Ooooh!Here is some more product on the walls. That cupcake pattern is new and so fun!
In love with this lamp! I recognize it from Ikea, but Hambly put their fabulous spin on it!They attached the overlays around the lamp. This is just another cool way to use Hambly products.Hambly Stickers! So excited about these! Aren't they adorable?
Allison of Hambly hosting one of my favorite make and takes: an awesome bracelet made with rub ons! She is also just so incredibly sweet! It was so nice to meet you, Allison!Here I am with Christine from Scrap Time. Love her!I was so happy that I got to meet the fabulous Susan Opel of Paper Crafts. She is so sweet and kind, and you should have seen her rings! Thank you for taking the time to talk to all of us, Susan!
I also got to meet Lisa Spangler of Hero Arts! I was so excited to meet her! She is so sweet and such an amazing paper crafter!

Okay, that's all for now! I hope you guys liked the Hambly stuff! :)

Also, if you would like to super size the Hambly photos. Go here on my flickr stream, click on a photo and then click "all sizes" above the photo and you can see the product zoomed in!

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CHA: Donna Downey, Prima, Copic, Hero Arts

Okay, so once again I am exhausted. It was such a fun and awesome day! I uploaded pics from today to Flickr. Check it out!

Here are a few I will blog about tonight! Don't judge the sleepy typing! haha! These are all from CHA Monday.
Donna Downey's booth. Gorgeous! Her aprons blow me away!
How cool is the Copic booth? LOVE it!
Hero Arts Clings! I want the ledger one so badly!
More pretty Hero Arts. Love those Hero Hues!
At the Prima booth viewing some of the Donna Downey stuff for them. I heart the Prima people big time! Hi Sharon! :) I will show you a lot more from them later!
Cutie pie Kim Jackson! (Super Duper Senior Editor for Creating Keepsakes!) I got to walk the floor with her for a while today, and I had a blast! This girl might just be getting me to try a scrapbook page!

Okay, more pics and posts to come. Tomorrow is the last day of CHA :(. I think I might sleep for 2 days straight! haha!

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CHA Monday - Phew! I am tired!

Okay, so I am crazy exhausted and will try to do a more coherent blog post for you tomorrow, but I didn't want to leave you without some goodies to look at. So check out my flickr stream here for pics. I will be adding them to the blog with descriptions soon! I also cannot wait to find my camera cord for my other camera, so I can share those pics too!

Also, Court and I filmed a video tonight! We will be sharing it with you guys soon!

Flickr Stream for CHA photos!

I am off to sleep! :)

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This photo was borrowed from Tiff's blog (let's hope she doesn't mind!) I just love it! Claudine Hellmuth's class was amazing!!! And her paints are WOW! It was even more fun getting to take it with my friends Tiff, Lisa and Jenn!

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CHA Sunday

Today was so much fun, although I cannot find my camera cord still! Eeek! So I thought I would check in really fast and show you some borrowed pics from the internet again :).

Today was amazing and chaotic and wonderful. My favorite (I bet you can guess!) is ........ AMERICAN CRAFTS! I just love them. They never disappoint. The have graphic, cute, classic, elegant, beautiful, whimsical. They have.it.all. Not only that, but I got to meet sweetie pie Lyndsey. She is sweet and adorable! Also, a big shout out to Grant for showing us around. He was so nice! And then, I was able to meet THE Elizabeth Kartchner. She is kind and fun and beautiful and so is her line. That pink ribbon with the rosettes. Oooooh la la! It is gorgeous. Her whole booth set up was amazing. I cannot wait to show you the pics.

Anyways, I just had to tell you about American Crafts. I will share more later when I find that cord (I hope tomorrow morning). Until then, here are a few pics from Saturday and Sunday!
Tiff and me this morning
sweetie pie ash and me at dinner last night! so excited to meet her in real life!
hanging with the other ash!
Torendi girls!

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Cosmo cricket coordinations!! Amazing!!

Cosmo cricket coordinations!! Amazing!!


Hi everyone!!

I am so sorry I have been such a bad CHA blogger! I cannot find my camera cord ANYWHERE! I don't recommend moving 4 days before CHA. I know I will find it soon, though. Until then, I am going to share some photos that I took from Courtney sweetie pie Baker's blog and facebook. :)

Oh wait, first I have to tell you what a blast I am having. It is amazing to meet all of these people that I have admired and befriended in real life. Having Lisa, Tiff and Court stay at my place is amazing. I love these girls. I have loved meeting all of the Paper Crafts gals they are so fun and sweet! I love them! All of the crafty bloggers are just as incredible in real life. I got to hang at CHA with one of my favorite people in the world, Erica. I got to meet Kim Hughes!! I think she may think I am nuts, but I was just so excited to meet my fun and cute style idol!! Claudine Hellmuth's class was amazing and filled with about 17 million techniques! Wowza!
I cannot wait for the trade show tomorrow!! I am going to try and get pics but I don't know how much we are allowed to or not. I'll find out! I hope I can get some sneak peek pics for you guys!!

me, court, amy (yes, i am the world's tallest paper crafter! haha!)
Paper Crafts!!
Messy post Claudine class hands
lisa and me!! yay! love her so much!
me and my buddy erica :)
card makers everywhere!
we got so lost getting to CHA the first day, that finding it deserved a thumbs up
court and i love the westcott folks!
ash, court, me, susan, cath

Please excuse the messy and tired blogging!!

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