Fawny Flickr Friday [3.18.11]

Hello!! It's Fawny Flickr Friday! I love seeing all of the cards popping up in the Lawn Fawn Flickr group. Make sure you keep adding your cards! There are also some fun discussions starting over there! You guys are so inspiring!!

Let's get on to the Fawny Flickr Friday Five! (I actually picked six by mistake, so it's the Fawny Flickr Six today!)

This is just so sweet! Love the glitter!

Hello Sunshine!
Pure happiness! I'm smiling!

Using stamps in an unconventional way :)
Absolutely brilliant! A perfect bouquet from a Christmas set!

Boat Card
Also absolutely brilliant! I love the idea of the cakes being a boat!

Rock On!
So cute! I'm a drummer, so I just love the idea of the penguin drumming! :)

So pretty! Love the twine around the suit!

Such fantastic cards! You guys are so amazing!
Make sure to add your cards to the Flickr group this next week. :) We will pick another five next Friday!

Thank you so much for visiting!
Have an amazing day,


  1. oh wow! i agree - what amazing and creative projects!

  2. Oh my goodness! Thanks, Kelly Marie!

    It's exciting (for you) to hear that you were sold out of a set! Woo hoo for Lawn Fawn!

  3. Oh my! This is definitely my Lawn Fawn lucky week! Thanks so much Kelly Marie, it's not hard at all to create great cards with such amazing stamps!

  4. Oh my goodness it is just Lawn Fawn day for me! Thanks so much for featuring my St. Patty's Penguins! They are in such cute company too! I feel so Lawn Fawny loved! :)

  5. Ohhh my gosh! Thank you soo much for featuring my Drumming Penguin! This has made my entire day! It's so fun to create cards with your stamps! :)

  6. These flicker Friday 5 are wonderful (6 I guess) Such wonderful colour combinations. Great cards and stamps. (Waiting for mine in the mail)

  7. Wow, thanks Kelly Marie for choosing one of my cards for this post =) I love all of the cards shown today - you all rock!

  8. Those are so super cute! There's some really talented people out there! I love they way the sets were used! The boat?? From the cake set! I would have NEVER thought of that!

  9. super cute stuff Kelly!! I really need to order some stamps!!!

  10. the cards are great. you're a drummer?! :)


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