Drawn Together

 Amber from Damask Love has put together a wonderful fundraiser for the children, family and community of Sandy Hook Elementary School. Please see her blog for more details as to how you can help. We will be sending lots of stickers and paper to help fill her creative kits. This is a wonderful idea. Thank you Amber for finding a way to help their community.


  1. It's people like this that help heal our heart from the evil that took place

  2. I knew that Lawn Fawn would be one of the first to jump in and help this worthy cause. Thanks for reminding us that good always wins over evil.

  3. Thank you for the link to help a little to those involved in this tragedy.

  4. Couldn't agree more!!!!! My heart is all in this cause!!! SO happy to see Lawn Fawn join... but I'm not surprised in the least bit, since you all have hearts of gold!!! Xoxoxo

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