i ruff you by Chrissie

We absolutely love the Lawnscaping girls. They helped us make beautiful card samples again that we included with orders to our retailers, and we are so thankful! I wanted to make sure we could share their lovely work here, and today we have a super adorable card by Chrissie! I just love how she combined A Birdie Told Me with Critters at the Dog Park. Those word bubbles are perfect for critters! Her clean and simple style is just perfect, and Dewey Decimal makes a great base!
Thank you so much for sharing this super sweet with us, Chrissie!
Thank you so much for visiting!
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  1. This is a really sweet card! I love the talk bubble :) So cute!

  2. oh my goodness this is so sweet!! love his little thoughts :)

  3. I just love those word bubbles. How neat with the dog and his dreams, huh! thank you for sharing.

  4. so cute! love the shading on the dog :)

  5. So stinkin' sweet! Love it, Chrissie!

  6. The elongated thought bubble is perfect here!


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