Bye, Google Reader!

Tomorrow is the end of Google Reader, so make sure to follow us on a new reader! 
I am enjoying Feedly a lot. 
You can also follow us on Bloglovin'. 
You can also subscribe via email, too:
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If you check out Feedly now, you can migrate over your Google Reader subscriptions with one click

You can also just add us this way:
To subscribe to our blog on Feedly:

Click "+Add Content"
Search Lawn Fawn or enter our address: http://www.lawnfawn.blogspot.com

Then press the "+" button to add our blog!

If you have any questions, let me know!
Thank you so much for visiting!
Have an amazing day,


  1. I switched to "The Old Reader" at theoldreader.com and it seems to be working just fine. Wouldn't want to miss a post!

    1. I am going to go check it out! :) Thanks, Ann Marie!

  2. I already follow by e-mail and also by Bloglovin.

  3. Thanks for letting us know! You guys rock. I think I am a Lawn Fawn fan girl.. like a fawny? lol

  4. You're in my Blogger reading list!
    I also follow you via Bloglovin'...wouldn't wanna miss a post :)
    Have a great week! :)


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