A (Fairly) Quick And Easy Mini-Album Tutorial by Linda

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We have an awesome treat today as Linda as created this great photo tutorial for creating a mini album using the Stitched Party Banners dies! I love that you could use it for a teacher's gift, as Linda did, or you could create any kind of cute album with this, too!
Take it away, Linda!

It’s the end of the school year again, which means it’s time for teachers’ gifts! I’m my second grader’s room parent, and he has a new teacher this year. So many teachers have told me that they remember that first class forever. But to make sure that she really does remember (hee hee), I created a clean and simple mini-album for her. It requires some prep and organization, but once you get started, it’s very fast. (Be prepared to see my messy, messy work space…)
1. The album contains one page per student. And my co-room parent and I added one last page for ourselves (hey, we don’t want to be forgotten!). So in total, I cut out 19 insert pages (large Stitched Party Banner) plus two (for inside of the covers, more on this later) from the white cardstock. I used 8.5”x11” cardstock. Cut each sheet into four equal pieces (4.25”x5.5”) first.
2. I took the banners to school, got the kids out of class on the sly (the teacher knew I was up to something, but not exactly what I was up to… ) and asked them to write their names on the bottom and do a little decorating around the edges. I also took photos of each kid.
3. Then I cut frames for the photos using the frame from #awesome Lawn Cuts and Let’s Polka 6x6 pad. You can get four frames out of each sheet of the petite pack. Save the middle pieces for later!
4. I printed all photos at about 2.5” size each (2-up) on 4”x6” photo papers. Then I used the same #awesome photo frame to trim each photo.
5. Next I matched the frames to the photos. I’m calling it matching because the photo frame is not exactly the same all around. All Lawn Fawn images are hand-drawn, which gives them their adorable charm and unique style. Once I figured out which corner was which, I had no trouble getting all photos to fit the frame. Then I adhered each photo to the student’s page, and added a punched out shape using those extra bits of paper left over from step #3. You could do flairs, sequins, chipboard shapes, washi tape, whatever your heart desires.
6. Then using the large banner from Stitched Party Banners, I cut two more banners from a thin chipboard and two banners in patterned paper of your choice. Adhere one patterned paper banner to one chipboard banner. Remember that they need to be opposing — one is for the front cover, one is for the back.
7. Measure your insert pages to figure out how big you need to make the spine. Mine measured about ¾”, so I decided to make it a 1” spine.
8.  Cut a 6” (height of the book plus two extra inches) x 3” (spine plus two extra inches) piece of patterned paper (same as the cover). Then I scored in 1” at all sides. So the spine is now a piece of paper with 4 scored sides. The middle part should measure 4”x1”.
9. Fold in the top and bottom scored pieces (this will re-enforce the spine). Adhere the spine to each cover with a pretty and strong sticky adhesive.
10. Now adhere the extra two white banners to the inside. You can choose to print or write something on them (as I did), or decorate them. Punch through the banner holes.
11. Now decorate that cover! I used the Louie’s ABCs Lawn Cuts for the “Thank You”, the tiny ruler is from A Good Apple, and the cute apple is from My Silly Valentine.
11. It’s time for assembling this baby! You can use rings, but I thought ribbons would add an extra color and texture. I cut two 8” pieces of ribbon, threaded through the back cover, then all the pages, then the front cover. Tie a knot on the outside, trim the ribbon, and you are done!

Thank you so much for this awesome tutorial, Linda! You are the best!
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  1. That is aaaaabsolutely adorable! So sweet and thoughtful - and cute as a whole BUNCH of buttons! <3

  2. What a great keepsake to give to a teacher!! Thanks for sharing!! Love it!!

  3. What a great idea and super cute!!

  4. What an amazing and treasured gift for a teacher. You're very sweet.

  5. Linda, as a teacher, this is probably the most heartfelt gift ever. Thank you for your fabulous instructions! She is going to have her socks knocked off!

  6. My Daughter is a teacher and these are the end of the year gifts that are appreciated and it's nice because you didn't just make the journal yourself but the kids had their part too. Trust me you only have room for so many coffee cups lol she will cherish this book for ever

  7. That is an adorable gift! Thanks for all the details.

  8. You made this so easy. I just bought the banner die and love this idea...especially for Instax pictures.

  9. OMG This is STUNNING LINDA!!!!!!!!! And is that your own handwriting???? That's incredibly beautiful!

  10. Oh, I know the teacher loved this! So special that each child was able to take part in the creation.


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