Milk and Cookies Teacher Gift

Our friend, Deb and her talented son Cole share a super cute and clever teacher thank-you gift today!
They used Milk and Cookies, Baked with Love, Riley's ABCs and Gingham Backdrops to create adorable tags for their Milk and Cookies themed gift!


cookie bag
Cole baked the yummy cookies himself and did the cookie coloring!

They included an empty Mason Jar glass with the cookies; I love the adorable tag that makes its purpose clear!

gift tag
This cute tag looks adorable clipped to the plain brown lunch bag!
We are sure that Cole's teachers loved this thoughtful gift; thanks so much for sharing it with us Deb and Cole!

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  1. So cute and I love when the kids are involved. Good job Cole!!

  2. What super fun projects and teacher's certainly deserve thanks and appreciation for that they do!

  3. Such an adorable idea! I'm sure the teacher loved it!

  4. He made the cookies himself? And awesome coloring too! What a cutie pie -- give him hugs from Hawai'i cause these are too precious for words ♥

  5. CUTEST THING EVER - I would love to receive something a cute as this!!!!!

  6. Love this idea.I am sure kids will also love this.

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