I ♥ my AeroGarden

I seriously do!! My good friends, G & S, gave it to me so that I could have plants in my apartment (not enough sunlight comes in to grow plants without an AeroGarden) because I love taking care of G's flytraps and African violets so much. The first 5 months I had basil, chives and thyme growing in there. Well, now I have switched to flowers!! I am so excited! I am growing marigold, mini geranium, and mimulus. Woo!
Here are some photos of my new sprouts!
mini geranium
My sweet garden! :)


  1. I am just testing out the new way to enter comments on my blog.

  2. You have such a green thumb! We are glad that you're enjoying the indoor gardening :)
    G & S

  3. Thanks, G & S! I think the AeroGarden might have to be a regular feature on the blog :).

    Also, maybe I should come up with better pseudonyms for you guys :). What do you want your secret internet name to be?


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