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Peach turned up over 14,000 entries on etsy! I couldn't believe it. Here are five of my favorites!

These cutie pie earrings by stickinthemud are so fun!
I love this adorable giraffe print by SavageArtworks. Doesn't the giraffe look like he's dreaming the perfect dream?
This love bird necklace by cherbie is perfection! I am so so in love!
I love this little pouch by oktak, not only because the print is so fun, but because I absolutely love pencil pouches! (I even carried one throughout college and grad school!)
I had to leave this gorgeous ring by everydayglory for last because it is my favorite find this time! It is just so delicate, gorgeous and unique!

I hope you saw something that inspired you today! Remember to shop handmade!

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kelly marie


  1. I love your Etsy Mondays! You pick out such cute items, and it's a great reminder to support independent business people.

    I'm thinking the colors in that pouch would make a cute card.... I may use that as a source of my own personal color challenge (HA!)

    Have a great day!

  2. thanks for featuring my little umbrella studs!



  3. Thanks lynnette! You are so right about those colors!! That would be a great spring card! :)

  4. emily - Of course! They are the most adorable earrings!! Love them!

  5. wow are all of these your creations? there great they look awesome and it is really marketable too..good luck! :)

  6. Armandosolis,

    These actually aren't all mine. On Mondays I like to feature other etsy sellers on my blog ... all of the cards you see on my blog are mine though! Thank you so much for visiting!


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