lawn fawn video Tuesday - delight in little things while making a card!

Lawn fawn video Tuesday?! "What?!", you say? Well, today was a Monday. I'm talking somebody should have been asking me if I was having a case of the Mondays kind of a Monday. So I decided to post a video today because this Tuesday needs to be better than yesterday!

I hope you enjoy the video. A week ago or maybe two weeks ago the hero arts blog did a feature on one layer cards, and I decided I had to try the challenge. It was so fun to just stamp, stamp, stamp away!
I used papertrey ink and ali edwards technique tuesday stamps in this card, along with some stickles!

Here is the video!! Click on the HD button to see it in HD. If you would like to see it larger over at youtube, click here!

Here is a photo of the card:

Thank you so much for watching!!

Have an amazing day,
kelly marie


  1. Such an adorable card. I need to do more one layer cards. I get a little crazy with layers sometimes!

    I am so happy to have found another House fan. I couldn't believe last week's episode. I cried last night with Cameron and Chase (I'm sentimental like that!)

  2. Loveeee this card. Can I please order 10? Mum

  3. The videos and lawnfawn 'opening' are wonderful. Think of doing one in Spanish? Glo


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