so so excited!!

I was a May gallery challenge winner for the PaperCrafts Connection blog. I cannot believe it! I am just so excited!
I was chosen for this card that I made for my Mom, and here is the entry on their blog. 

Thank you so much to Dana for letting me know (check out her blog, she was the most wonderful cards!) It has seriously made my week. And thank you to you all for indulging me. :)

Have an amazing day,
kelly marie


  1. This is so great!!! Congrats, that is such an adorable card, I'm so glad you got a shout out for it!

  2. So sweet to link me here! Your card design was just so eye-catchingly beautiful - I'm tempted to buy me chandelier stamp :-))

  3. Such wonderful things are happening for you and I'm so excited!

  4. Congrats! Have a wonderful time in Vegas! (Or hope you did if you're on your way back . . .)


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