lawn fawn video: shopping & crafty fun!

Hello my friends! I have been gone from this blog for too long. I missed it! This week was really crazy. Lots of changes going on for me, but they are all good! Unfortunately, this meant that I haven't made a card since Tuesday! Ack! I need to make cards. It keeps me sane. :)

I was too tired to sit down and make a card today, so I decided to sit down and make a video! I recently bought a bunch of fun goodies at 2Peas and decided to show you guys them in the video. Check it out! (Click here to see it larger over at You Tube!)

I hope to use some of these products tomorrow. I plan to marathon craft tomorrow! I can't wait!

Thank you so much for visiting and for watching!

Have an amazing day,


  1. Thanks for the vid ;) I just wanted to let you know that in my Google Reader you're right next to Sarah Martina :) Best wishes from Germany!

  2. I love your video and the cover of your video. How did you make that???? amazingly cute!! I just love seeing what people are buying out there.

    BTW i love zing....the maya road chipboard that you got are so cute!! I have got to get me some of that hambly rubons and paper!! I have the my minds eye paper and im obsessed with the colors

    I enjoyed your video so much! make more! i need to make more some shopping videos too.

  3. Santa lives in a red log cabin! I love it!

  4. Kelly Marie, you are as cute as button!! I think I'm gonna come to CHA in January and we have to meet! I heart you! :) Thanks for the glimpse into your process!

  5. You were totally cracking me up!! Such a fun video- loved seeing all your goodies.... Speaking of goodies- I've been meaning to say THANK YOU! I got the paper crafts mag & have been loving it so much! One of my friends (read: enabler that got me back into this awesome world of cards & ink)- was stamping royalty! It's so fun to have the mag she's published in! :)
    Can't wait to see what you come up with-
    OH! And Michaels sells frames that fit 12x12 perfect- there are lp ones, but check out the collage 12x12- there's a white one (which you could always paint) that has a nice frame- it comes with a mat, but take that out and voila! AND I'm guessing it will still be on sale- they're normally $19.99, but they've been on 40% off, and the paper has had an addt'l 25% off- might be able to print that at home too.
    Whew! Talk about long-winded!
    Have fun!

  6. Great video! I have been wanting that My Mind's Paper too! I thinkthat's a great idea to frame that paper! I always think of you when I see deer! My daughter was watching the video with me and she asked if you liked to hunt, because you like deer! :) I told her I think, she thinks they are cute, not that you liked to hunt them! :) Congrats on your card being showcased over at CARDS blog! :)

  7. Kelly.... you are so cute!! :) I so enjoyed watching your video and seeing all of your new and fun stuff! I just got some 12x12 sticky back cork sheets at Michaels but haven't used them yet. Also.... I LOVE Hambly! I just got some rub-ons and paper from them. Just an FYI... if you order from Hambly online... they send you free stuff! They sent me (with my order) like a pack of rub ons, some paper/transparencies, and some stickers!! All free!! Can't beat that! I have ordered from them 2xs and they sent me free stuff both times!!

  8. I have visited your blog quite a bit now. And I always thought you were so pretty by just the little picture I saw, but the video confirms that even more, you are so beautiful girl! :) I loved your video, you make me feel totally relaxed... you act so cute!! Hehe!! I LOVED all of your stuff, all the ornate frames, and the little fawns on the papers, OH I SO WANT THOSE NOW!!! Can't wait to see what you create with all of it!! God bless you!


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