A reminder and a look into my TP pumpkin!

The Everything but the Kitchen Sink challenge is still going on. Go here to check out the amazing cards from the participants and get inspired!

You have until November 8th, 11:59pm Central to submit!

Big hugs to all the participants who have dared to take their TP out of their bathrooms and into their craft rooms! haha! :)

I haven't been able to film a video on how I made my TP pumpkin, but I did take a photo of the process, so let's hope I can explain it!What you are looking at here is some mod podged toilet paper. First I took one sheet of toilet paper. I inked with with my foam inking tool and spiced marmalade distress ink. I then stamped it with my designer wood grain Hero Arts stamp also in spiced marmalde. I did that to get rid of some of the TP texture. After inking up the TP I folded it in half and in half again. I took a foam brush and my mod podge added some mod podge to the center of the fold and pressed together. Then I mod podged the outsides of the folded piece. Then I just let all of my pieces dry. I think I used seven total for my pumpkin.
The stem and leaves were done in a similar way: distress inks and mod podge. I just rolled the stem and free cut the leaves. As you can see the mod podge is just glopped on. It eventually dried, and it was just easier to do it that way!
I have to admit that this was MESSY. Seriously messy. I had TP and mod podge and distress ink everywhere, but it was so fun! It's okay to be messy, just call it "rustic". Haha!
So here is my final pumpkin. I let everything dry over night. I lined up my orange pieces and punched a hole through both ends with my cropadile and then put a brad through each end and spread out the pieces to form a funky little pumpkin. The stem and leaves were glued on with serious amounts of glossy accents.
So go and play with some TP, and let me know if you ever make any 3D mod podge projects! :)

Thank you so much for visiting!

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  2. Oh, my goodness, how cute is this!?

  3. how cool!!! this is really cute!!!

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  5. Very cool! You did a great job with EBTKS this time around!


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