Hi everyone!!

I am so sorry I have been such a bad CHA blogger! I cannot find my camera cord ANYWHERE! I don't recommend moving 4 days before CHA. I know I will find it soon, though. Until then, I am going to share some photos that I took from Courtney sweetie pie Baker's blog and facebook. :)

Oh wait, first I have to tell you what a blast I am having. It is amazing to meet all of these people that I have admired and befriended in real life. Having Lisa, Tiff and Court stay at my place is amazing. I love these girls. I have loved meeting all of the Paper Crafts gals they are so fun and sweet! I love them! All of the crafty bloggers are just as incredible in real life. I got to hang at CHA with one of my favorite people in the world, Erica. I got to meet Kim Hughes!! I think she may think I am nuts, but I was just so excited to meet my fun and cute style idol!! Claudine Hellmuth's class was amazing and filled with about 17 million techniques! Wowza!
I cannot wait for the trade show tomorrow!! I am going to try and get pics but I don't know how much we are allowed to or not. I'll find out! I hope I can get some sneak peek pics for you guys!!

me, court, amy (yes, i am the world's tallest paper crafter! haha!)
Paper Crafts!!
Messy post Claudine class hands
lisa and me!! yay! love her so much!
me and my buddy erica :)
card makers everywhere!
we got so lost getting to CHA the first day, that finding it deserved a thumbs up
court and i love the westcott folks!
ash, court, me, susan, cath

Please excuse the messy and tired blogging!!

Thank you so much for visiting!

Have an amazing day,


  1. Love all your piccies. I wish I was there, but at least we get to share thru your blog!

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  3. Sorry , I had to delete my first comment. I had way to many type mistakes! Thanks for sharing your photos. Looks like so much FUN! I have, also taken one of Claudine's workshops and they are packed with inspiration. ENJOY!

  4. such fun pics!!!! It was so great seeing you and courtney yesterday!

  5. So much fun, Kelly! I wish I was there! Thanks for sharing this pictures! Hugs!

  6. I did it again :( "thank you for sharing THESE pictures" :D !

  7. It looks like so much fun!! I wish I could go. I could give you a run for your money on the worlds tallest paper crafter title. ;)

    Amy ♥

  8. aww, look at all you beautiful crafty ladies! looks like you had tons of fun! Next yr, can't wait for next yr when I'm going! hope to see you there! you and Courtney are so cute!

    Clouds :D

  9. So happy you have made these great friends who share a passion with you. You are finally a girly-girl! HA! I hope they loved your new home and dar, got to see it before moi! They need to return after dad and I work on it. Although I am a mess with my own stuff to decorate. Will till I start documenting all your stuff! Love, Mum


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