Fawny Flickr Friday {8.26.16}

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Time for another Fawny Flickr Friday! Woohoo! We just love to see all of your fabulous creativity on display in our Flickr Group! We are always so inspired, we can't wait to share your wonderful cards and projects! Make sure you keep adding your projects, you guys are amazing!

by Ali T.
(using Year Five, Milo's ABCs)

by Pink Unicorn
(using Critters at the Dog Park, Owen's ABCs, Spring Showers, Forest Border)

by Arlene
(using Rooting for You, Jessie's ABCs)

by Becca
(using Admit One, Scripty Sayings)

 by Francesca
(using Booyah, Milo's ABCs; with hand-drawn constellations inspired by Nicole G.)

by Sou Mo
(using So Jelly, Stitched Hillside Borders, Mermaid for You)

by Jill
(using Quinn's ABCs)

by Kathy
(using Booyah)
 by Pink Unicorn
(using Rainbow, Puffy Cloud Borders, Scripty Sayings)

Thank you all for sharing your wonderful talent with us! You guys are the best!

If you are new to our Flickr group, we would love for you to introduce yourself in our discussion HERE. We can't wait to meet you!  

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  1. Awwwwwww gee....more cool stuff? This release is really the best ever! every item is a hit!

  2. Happy Friday! Each of these cards brings its own uniqueness to the mix--the waters you've created is amaze! :) Love these posts, and it's especially fun to see a card of mine! Thank you so much for featuring it here! I like you. A LOT. I really do! :)

  3. I Love the cards💞. You guys are doing a great job, amazing cards👏. Keep up the good work😃.😉😃😉

  4. I luv each and every card, especially all the colors. I like how you used the puns like Its time to party, turn up the beet. Great cards!

  5. Really cute cards from such a wonderful release. Love the beet card.

  6. Oh boy! Have to resist buying these for a while! Beautiful cards!

  7. What a great release! I can't wait to get some of these :)

  8. Thank you for showing my card:) All these cards are beautiful!!

  9. OMGOsh these are some AWESOME cards!

  10. So many awesome cards... Such talented people out there!


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